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Established in 1995, D.O.H. Services Inc. was founded on the simple promise that good customer service and a superior crafted product would lead to continued business success. Serving Cemeterians, Private Memorial Dealers and Funeral Home Owners for more than two decades this promise still holds true today.


 The founding Partners

John Dexter, William Kress, Sr., and Brian Tennis


D.O.H. Services strives to bring to our customers the highest quality memorial product available.















Starting from humble beginnings in leased space to the modern production facility of today, D.O.H. Services has always strived to provide for its customers the highest quality designed and crafted memorial product possible.


D.O.H. Services is a manufacturing wholesaler with over twenty years of production experience helping our customers in four states. We work closely with our quarry partners for both our domestically produced and imported stone products to provide the best quality of materials possible for every memorial we produce. We combine the expertise and experience of our design and production personnel then to deliver the superior craftsmanship necessary to meet our customers needs. We then further provide a complete service, offering setting services for the memorials we produce with our personnel with our trucks and equipment.


We work as a partner to our Cemetery, Private Monument Dealer and Funeral Home customers to provide for the families that they serve.



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