A “PORTRAIT ETCHING” is not a photographic process; it is an art form. Our professional artist creates it by hand. Thus, it is a “LIKENESS” of the person or persons being etched.


Etching photo quality must be a high resolution photo or a closeup which is crisp and sharp. Unfortunatley photos that are blurry, pixelated, unfocused, etc, will not be able to be etched or created. Two or more Photos also cannot be combined into one etching at this time.

The Process

Our artist takes your photo and translates it into an etched portrait on granite. The etched portrait is as close to the photo as is technically and artistically possible. Because the portrait is done by actually breaking the surface of the granite, it is almost impossible to change it when completed.

Granite/ Insert

Etchings look GREAT on all markers! The preferred Granite to be used in this case would be Jet Black. It provides the best contrast to the image that is being created. The use of any other granite jeopardizes the quality of the performance of the work. In such cases if you do not have a marker that is Jet Black, you can also put an etching insert into the stone which would be an etching on a piece of Jet Black granite which would be inserted into the stone just like a ceramic photo would be.

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