Please read and know these conditions and terms concerning the use of the

design program “MONUVISION” as you work with your retail customers.

Our intention by providing this program for your use is that you will be able to

make a representable proof of the proposed memorial at the point of purchase

with your retail customer.


We want to be perfectly clear however that the use of this program is only

intended to provide this representative proof and is not intended to be exact but

to convey to us the ideas discussed and agreed upon between you and your

customer. This program is not intended to be used for exact duplication of

existing memorials, nor can all the designs, components, fonts, etc.. shown within

this program be used to produce a memorial without the application of our

expertise and knowledge to create a scaled proof copy for your approval, of

exactly how the memorial will look once completed.


With this in mind, drawing charges can apply based on the design, font or

components chosen to produce the representative proof as we have found that

not all items presented within this program are able to be sandblasted without

revisions or considerable redrawing time.


Monuvision adds design components almost daily from a large group of providers

and users including DOH Services and what WE have provided for inclusion in

libraries are sandblast ready. Unfortunately we cannot say this is true for what

other contributors have provided. We have found that 99% of the MV&V

components are not sandblast ready. So depending on what you select with your

customer may determine if our drawing charges will apply.


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