Cemetery Lettering

Memorial Cleaning

Leveling and Resetting

D.O.H. Services Inc. provides engravings of inscriptions and final dates to existing markers and monuments. Please call for a quote providing the memorial’s location within the cemetery and the lettering to be added. We will then visit the cemetery to take a rubbing of the memorial to ensure that we match the existing lettering


D.O.H. Services Inc. Provides Memorial cleaning services for ALL stones. Whether it be Granite, Marble or Bronze we can do the job! Dont let the elements and years of build up affect your memorial. We have the knowledge and equipment to get rid of those years of build up on your memorial, and turn it back into its restored original appearance. Please call for a quote providing the type of memorial that is needing to be cleaned.

D.O.H. Services Inc. offers Memorial Leveling and Resetting services. Whether your memorial is tipping, leaning or has fallen the risk of damage can occur or has already occured.  It can be a safety hazard to all of those that visit the cemetery. We will remove your memorial, re-level it and reset your memorial. Please give us a call for a quote regarding your situation.

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